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Year of the Migraine Beast

Had a huge setback of late. Sometime around Sept. 2019 I got another of my chronic migraines and it didn't go away. I thought my whole life that they were sinus issues but nope, nothing so concrete.

I started trying meds to help, one worked well but negated my anti-depressants (I have bi-polar 2, anxiety, +). another we could not get the insurance to pay for. Now I am on Botox which is a once every 3 month series of shot and they seem to be working for the most part, even though it is still $1200 or so out of our pocket every quarter. I doesn't help that I have not been making any money to help pay for it. I am so thankful for my loving husband.

My biggest problem isn't the pain, it isn't too bad just constant. The real problem for me is the vertigo and the visual trouble. I just can't focus very well, which makes it impossible to do detailed art. On top of all that I have trigger finger in my right thumb (trigger thumb?) so I can't grab without pain. And due to the game we all have to play with insurance it isn't fiscally smart to get surgery until Jan.

I'll complain here cause no one is gonna read it. Needed a place to get it out and it seems appropriate to do it here. All of this effects my art quite a bit. And this is just the tip of the health iceberg.

Good news, I have been able to work with resin and that is fun. I have a bunch of buttons and pendants and miniature picture framed collages that I need to finish and photo and load in the shop. I think they are pretty cool and I can still be creative.

Times are tough already for most people and this pandemic just makes it all so much harder. So take care of yourself and your loved ones, be humble and remember, Love is the only way forward for all of us.

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