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Well this describes me pretty well...

Bobbie Berendson W. is a student of art, culture, history, and is a live-long observer of the world.  She strives to bring a sense of fun to everything she does, especially illustration and custom jewelry making.  She specializes in pen & ink in the fantasy, horror, and Victorian steampunk genres with a lot of love put into illustrating bones, costumes and dresses.  She lives in Utah with a house full of family, friends, felines, and one very crowded studio.

But there is more to me of course… I have been in love with the fantastic since I was a rather young child.  This includes all things Sci-Fi/Fantasy/horror/etc.  I could blame my grandmother who was a librarian and had a massive collection of such books and stories, but honestly she didn’t cause it she just facilitated it,  a lot.

I have been diligently working on my art for 26 years or so and I still have a long way to go.  I struggle with a condition called Aphantasia (among many other annoying things like depression, anxiety, and Fibromyalgia).  Aphantasia is essentially a blind mind’s eye.  Think of your mother, see her face in your head, hear her voice… I can’t, at all.  It has made drawing a real challenge for me, so why do I do it?  Because I have so many ideas, characters, and places in my head and I have to DRAW them if I want to see them.  Well that and I just love telling visual stories. 

Many of my ideas are about my pet project: the Steampunk World of Laurentia.  My sweet husband has indulged me for years to help build this world and there is SO MUCH that I have yet to draw and share about it.  This is the world where my Bustle Racers come from.  Think of roller derby but in fancy dresses and riding on mechanical bustles.  One day we hope to finish  and kickstart the card game we are working on about the bustle racing league of St Augustine.

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