September 30, 2019 

It's been a long summer.  I got a new career oddly enough.  Nothing that will prevent me making art, but it is letting me help a lot of people.  I am an training to be a financial planner specializing in retirement.  It's quite a leap I know.  my goal is to help all my fellow creatives find the best financial future they can have so they can keep creating their entire life.

On top of that, I picked up an old love, embroidery.  It doesn't make my hand and fingers sore like using pens so it has been a nice change.  Then I had to go and get ambitious and complicate things...  There will be a lot more Art Nouveau style embroidered ladies in the future.


March 28 2019

Though our first Witches@Work kickstarter did fail...  Our second succeed!!!  So it just closed on the 22 a few days ago.  I just finished putting up every one of the 37 witches up on the witches page here: Witches@Work.  I hope to have the hard copies printed in April-May.  

During my FAV con LTUE I got to do a presentation on making a coloring book.  It's on YouTube And I posted it to the right.

Also!  I have been working on some graphic designs for T-shirts and a few of them are up on Red Bubble & DBH.  I will be posting some of the design here as well, stay tuned!


October 20, 2018

There are only 10 days left to pledge on the Witches @ Work kickstarter.  If this one does not fund I have plans to scale back and immediately launch another simpler one to just get the coloring book printed. 
Our next event is Utah Winter Faire on 11-30 to 12-2.  Check out the website:  Utah Winter Faire 

Latest Youtube Videos

Latest Youtube Videos

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