Hope's Champion

Name:   Yvette

Hope’s Champion

Colors: blue, white, gold

Ship:   The Healing Hand

Unique Skills:  Emergency Med. 
   Advanced Medicine

Psyker Skills:  Claircognizance: 1
   Psionic Healing: 2
   Psy Defence: 5

Wargear:  the gladius ‘Cura’, bolter ‘Perpender’, the Armor of Mercy

Personality:  Perfect bedside manners, Proud & Proper, Hesitant to take center stage

Arts Specialty: Graphic Design, Cello, Sculpture

Mum’s Nickname: Hope’s Light
Sister Nickname: Hopeful

Aubra Drew: Ribbons & Dancers

Represents-Pieces: Hope & Despair

Father:  Etienne Babin
Father Origin: France 1025 CE

Organization: Aporthicarium Gentes–Free Medical services, research, Education