The Moon Raven

Name:   Ulianna 
the Moon Raven

Colors: Cobalt, Palest Greens & Blues

Ship:   the Aerie

Unique Skills:  Medicine & Doctoring
   Zoology & Bird Handling

Psyker Skills:  Claircognizance: 2
   Psy Defense: 2
   Psionic Healing: 4 
   Telepathy: 6

Wargear:  ‘Magpie’s Claws’, daggers ‘Shadow Flight’ & ‘Blood Bloom’

Personality:  Conversant, Encouraging, Excellent Social Skills

Arts Specialty: Dance, Strings: Mandolin, Gardening, Writing, Sketching

Mum’s Nickname: Moon Raven
Sister Nickname: Magpie

Aubra Drew: Moons & Birds

Represents-Pieces: Sacrifice & Selfishness

Father:  Adrius Markel
Father Origin: Germany 1250CE

Organization: MoonFlower– Broad Scale Charity Groups