Queen of the Untamed

Name:   Xana
the Untamed, Pack Mistress, 

 Colors: Dark Pink, Red, Black

Ship:   the Crimson Hart  

Unique Skills:  Combat

Psyker Skills:  3 Psychometry: 3
   Psionic Healing: 3 
   Clairsentience: 8
   Telekinesis: 8

Wargear:  paired hand axes: ‘Blood & Bone’

Personality:  Soothing, Steady, Strict, Quick to light Humor

Arts Specialty: Woodwinds-Clarinet, Song, Recitations, Painting, Sculpture

Mum’s Nickname: Dear Heart
Sister Nickname: Dreamer

Aubra Drew: Dogs, Deer, Hearts

Represents-Pieces: Optimism & Despair

Father:  Etienne Babin
Father Origin: France 1025 CE

Organization: Indago Luminous: Trackers and hunters.