The Iron Maiden

Name:   Tanith 
the Iron Maiden

Colors: Black, Dk Grey, Brown

Ship:   the Golden Median    

Unique Skills:  Sociology
   Cosmology & Astronomy

Psyker Skills:  Mental Projection: 1
   Clairsentience: 5
   Claircognizance: 6

Wargear:  ‘Singularity’ longsword, ‘Horizon’s Edge’ dagger

Personality:  Debater, Fun, Suspicious, Deep

Arts Specialty: Song, Writing: Poetry & Lyrics, Composing, Many Instruments

Mum’s Nickname: Nightingale
Sister Nickname: SongBird

Aubra Drew: Geometry Patterns

Represents-Pieces: Protection good bad

Father:  Etienne Babin
Father Origin: France 1025 CE

Organization: -Delian Alliance: Trade protections & safeguards