Night's Companion

Name:   Sabetta 
the Night’s Companion, Night's Huntress

Colors: Dark Blue, lavender, Pale Pinks

Ship:   the Solace        

Unique Skills:  History

Psyker Skills:  Precognition: 1
   Mental Projection: 2
   Claircognizance: 3
   Psionic Healing: 3

Wargear:  'Reconciliator’ staff & blunt weapons, ‘Sorrow’s Tears’ dagger

Personality:  Conversant, Open, Heartfelt, Laughs, Loving, Sorrowful

Arts Specialty: Gardening, Song, Violin & Strings, Dance

Mum’s Nickname: Heart’s Ease
Sister Nickname: Nightbird

Aubra Drew: Gargoyles & Vines

Represents-Pieces: Acceptance/Forgiveness & Spite

Father:  Mathias Albescu
Father Origin: Bucharest, Romania 1900 CE

Organization: Order of the Gargoyle: Secret order among  the Night Lords that follow her specifically.