The Lustrous Flame

Name:   Petra 
the Lustrous Flame, Maker of Flames


Colors: green, yellow, orange

Ship:   Steamheart      

Unique Skills:  Metalsmithing
   Environmental Science
   Geo Science

Psyker Skills:  Clairsentience: 1
   Telesthesia: 2
   Pyrokinesis: 4
   Psy Defence: 4

Wargear:  ‘DuskGuard’ Hammer

Personality:  Quiet, Soft Spoken but Laughs a lot, Insightful

Arts Specialty: Glass work, Writing Prose, Flutes, Baking

Mum’s Nickname: Candle Light
Sister Nickname: Scales

Aubra Drew: Flames & Dragons

Represents-Pieces: Earnestness & Distraction

Father:  Darius Black
Father Origin: Wagadu Mande-W Africa 600 CE