Rena & Canthi
Secrets & Lies

Name:   Rena & Canthi 
Keeper of Secrets & Guardian of Lies, Pythoness & Panther, The Silent Two


Colors: Blue, Green, Amber

Ship:   the Hollow Light        

Unique Skills:  Strategy
   Planetary Sciences

Psyker Skills:  Retrocognition: 1
   Psychometry: 4
   Claircognizance: 8

Wargear:  Bardiche ‘Serpent Sting’,  twin Daggers ‘Black Fang & Black Claw’

Personality:  Bit Morose, Rena: kind, patient, secret. Canthi: harsh, self protective w heart of gold

Arts Specialty: Harpsichord, 

Mum’s Nickname:  Pythoness &  Panther
Sister Nickname: Grin & Dagger

Aubra Drew: Snakes

Represents-Pieces: Secrets & Lies

Father:  Navarro
Father Origin: Navarro-Spain 1473 CE

Organization: Opertus Occularia (closed eye) Information gathering-spy science