Spirit of the Word

Name:   Pramathi

Spirit of the Word, Law Giver, 

Colors: Rust orange-red, 

Ship:   Verbus Pax            

Unique Skills:  Grammarian & Linguist

Psyker Skills:  Retrocognition: 3
   Clairsentience: 4
   Precognition: 8

Wargear:  ‘Judgement’ Jamandhar, ‘Gyaan Lumina’ Gada

Personality:  Conversant, Wordy, Observant,  Shrewd

Arts Specialty: Writing, Lyrical Poetry, Sitar, Composing, Collecting & Archiving

Mum’s Nickname: Wordsong
Sister Nickname: Bookworm

Aubra Drew: Books– Scrolls

Represents-Pieces: Discovery & Criticism

Father:  Ryan Gupta
Father Origin: India 1450BCE