The Lupine Queen

Name:   Frigga
the Lupine Queen, Wyrd Woman


Colors: light Indigo, Green, Golden Yellow

Ship:   Ulvemor   

General Skills:  Combat & Strategy
   Pharmacology & Herbology
   Survival Science

Psyker Skills:  Psychic Defense: 1
   Precognition: 3
   Telepathy: 3
   Telesthesia: 4

Wargear:  ‘Axe of Glacial Might’ war axe, ‘Gramgr’ sword, ‘Wolf Bite’ dagger

Personality:  Casual, Humorous, Controlled, Comforting, Quick Smile, Fighter

Arts Specialty: Percussion Drums, Song, Woodworking, Embroidery, Ancient Poetry

Mum’s Nickname: Mountain Flower
Sister Nickname: Crash

Aubra Drew: Big Cats & Wolves

Represents-Pieces: Loyalty & Betrayal

Father:  Tors Jensen
Father Origin: Norway-Iceland 850CE

Pet Organization: Wyrd Weavers: Near secret group of persons and Astartes with precognition.