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The Bustle Racers of Laurentia

What is bustle racing?  Think of a cross between a beauty pageant, a race, and roller derby and you are on the right track. 

"Considered by some a lewd and crass exploitation of maidenly virtue, Bustle Racing is, to its adherents and fans, the highest evolution of entertainment:  equal parts beauty and bravery, poise and skill, timeless grace and modern ingenuity.  It is here in lovely St. Augustine that the sport enjoys its highest echelons of popularity, but it may surprise even the most cosmopolitan reader that organizations outside our fair city are gaining a degree of notability, and have petitioned the Royal Sports Association to form a larger league, and thereby facilitate competitions between cities, and, indeed, between nations."

~Written by Steve Wilcox

This page is going to slowly fill up as we work on our bustle racer projects... keep an eye out.

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