The Vigilant Light

Name:   Menefer

The Vigilant Light, 


Colors: Sky Blue, Yellows

Ship:   Progressa        

General Skills:  Aeronautics
   Environmental Science
   Diplomacy & Negotiation 

Psyker Skills: Retrocognition: 2
   Telesthesia: 5
   Claircognizance: 7
   Psy Defense: 7

Wargear: ‘Sol Fire’ stalker-bolter rifle-sword, ‘Early Bright’ longsword, Sunburst Armor

Personality:  Conversant, Social, Stubborn, Independent, Protective

Arts Specialty: Painting, Guitars, Poetry

Mum’s Nickname: Bright One
Sister Nickname: Sunny

Aubra Drew: Sunshine & Puffy Clouds

Represents-Pieces: Belief &  Distrust

Father:  Kostyantyn
Father Origin: Constantinople 150CE

Pet Organization: Eye of the Sun– Environmental restoration and preservation