The Ebon Queen

Name:   Ibiri

the Ebon Queen, Lady of the Lotus


Colors: violet, blue, black

Ship:   Prosperity            

Unique Skills:  Strategy
   Geo Sciences
   Library sci

Psyker Skills:  Telesthesia: 1
   Claircognizance: 4
   Telepathy: 7

Wargear:  sword: ‘Lotus Blade’, Book of Litanies, Feathered Lotus Armor

Personality:  Optimistic, Patient, Natural Teacher, Secretive, Biting

Arts Specialty: Song, Sew-Beading, Poetry, Darbuka Drum, Panpipes

Mum’s Nickname: Lotus
Sister Nickname: Pond Lily

Aubra Drew: Lotus Flowers

Represents-Pieces: Curious, good bad

Father:  Omari El Alexandris
Father Origin: Egypt 300 BCE