The Light-Hearted

Name:   Humira 
the Lighthearted, The Humble, Palentine Jester, 

Colors: Purples to Pinks

Ship:   Joyous Noise            

Unique Skills:  Strategy
   Diplomacy & Law

Psyker Skills: Telepathy: 1
   Clairsentience: 6
   Telesthesia: 6

Wargear:  The blade ‘Mordant’, ‘Jester’s Wit’ dagger 

Personality:  Jokester, Humble, Entertainer, little Boisterous

Arts Specialty: Dance, Idiophones & Cymbals, Sketching, Fashion Design

Mum’s Nickname: Joyous Child
Sister Nickname: Laughy Pants

Aubra Drew: Laughing Faces

Represents-Pieces: Humility &  Severity

Father:  Richard Smith
Father Origin: Britain 1800 CE