The Pale Lady

Name:   Galina

the Pale Lady, Web Mistress, Death's Consort


Colors: Lt Greens, greys, beige, red

Ship:   the Diligence        

Unique Skills:  Medicine & Healing
   Environmental Sciences 

Psyker Skills:  Psionic Healing: 1
   Telepathy: 4
   Psychometry: 5 
   Precognition: 7

Wargear:  the war scythe ‘Whisper’, Banshee Armor, ‘Web Weaver’ dagger/sickle

Personality:  Attentive,  Humorful, a little naïve, Generous, Diligent

Arts Specialty: Song, Sculpture, Strings-Violin, weaving and textiles

Mum’s Nickname: Arachne
Sister Nickname: Spider

Aubra Drew: Spiders & Lace

Represents-Pieces: Fortitude &  Disregard

Father:  Navarro
Father Origin: Navarro-Spain 1473 CE