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The Lost Primauri
Estra & Kelea

Starborn & Sea Singer

Name:   Estra 
Star Born

Colors: Indigo, White

Ship:   Star Streamer    

Unique Skills:  Astronomy & Cosmology
   Warp Travel

Psyker Skills:  Telepathy: 2
   Retrocognition: 4
   Psychometry: 6

Wargear:  lost

Personality:  Conversant, Bubbly, Eager, Humorous

Arts Specialty: Textile Arts, Flutes, 

Mum’s Nickname: Star Child
Sister Nickname: Sparkles

Aubra Drew: Stars & Comets

Represents-Pieces: Understanding & Hatred

Father:  Ryan Gupta
Father Origin: India 1450BCE

Name:   Kelea 
Sea Singer

Colors: Teal & Pink

Ship:   Wave Rider    

Unique Skills:  Oceanography,  

Psyker Skills:  Null

Wargear:  lost

Personality:  Generous, Debater, No-Nonsense, 

Arts Specialty: Dance, Strings: Harps, Sculpting: Clay, Literature

Mum’s Nickname: Mermaid
Sister Nickname: Angelfish

Aubra Drew: Waves and Fish

Represents-Pieces: Consistency &  Change

Father:  Makani
Father Origin: Hawaii 2500 CE

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