The Storm Caller

Name:   Denah

the Storm Caller, Whirlwind, Lady of Lightning


Colors: yellow blue pink

Ship:   Storm Caller        

Unique Skills: Architecture 
   Urban Engineering & Preservation
   Meteorology & Atmospheric Science

Psyker Skills:  Psychometry: 1
   Mental Projection: 5

Wargear:  ‘Biting Wind’ chainsword, ‘Storm Crier’ bolter

Personality:  Jovial, if a little Austere, Contemplative, Serene

Arts Specialty: Dance, Marimba, Culinary Arts, Photo, Film

Mum’s Nickname: Heart Stone
Sister Nickname: Stormy

Aubra Drew: Castles & Towers

Represents-Pieces: Adaptability & Rigidity

Father:  Jonah Dardashti
Father Origin: Persian Jew 40BCE

Pet Organization: Winds of Change– Urban renewal and historic preservation