of the Summer Plains

Name:   Bayama of the Summer Plains

Summer Queen, Wildflower,  Windrose


Colors: White, Red, Summer Colors

Ship:   the Summer Wind    

Unique Skills:  Combat

Psyker Skills:  Claircognizance: 3
   Telesthesia: 7
   Telepathy: 8

Wargear:  ‘White Wind’ Quan Dao, ‘Butterfly’ ceremonial dagger, Summer Wind Armor

Personality:  Confident, Observant, Tactful, Light hearted, Soothing

Arts Specialty: Song, Dance, String– Pipa & Guqin, Jewelry Maker, Weaver

Mum’s Nickname: Wildflower
Sister Nickname: Starling

Aubra Drew: Wildflowers & Birds

Represents-Pieces: Freedom & Repression

Father:  Haoyu Zhang
Father Origin: China 221 BCE

Organization: Wind Roses-  All female mounted ‘archers’ & light Cavalry