Mistress Machanica

Name:   Basira
Mistress Machina, Silver Lady, Goldenhair

Colors: Pale Blues & Indigos

Ship:   Song of Silver        

 Specializations:  Geo Sciences
   Civil Engineering
   White Smithing

Psyker Skills:  Pyrokinesis: 1
   Psychometry: 2
   Retro Cognition: 7

Wargear:  Warhammer: ‘Hand of the Mistress’, Medusan Machina Armor

Personality:  Conversant, Congenial, Encouraging, Quietly Social

Arts Specialty: Jewelry Smithing, Mechanical Trinkets, Woodwinds-Bassoon, Dance

Mum’s Nickname: Day Lily
Sister Nickname: Gear Girl

Aubra Drew: Gears & Gems

Represents-Pieces: Creativity & Self Deprecation

Father:  Richard Smith
Father Origin: Britain 1800 CE

Pet Organization: Dextra Machina: Broad scale planetary Science & Terraforming