Lioness of the Dark Forest

Name:   Felicia 
Lioness of the Dark Forest, Iris, 


Colors: Green, Indigo, Burgundy

Ship:   the Wild Chase        

Unique Skills:  Botany
   Environmental Science

Psyker Skills:  Clairsentience: 2
   Precognition: 4
   Claircognizance: 5 
   Psy Defense: 6

Wargear:  sword ‘The Crowned Iris’, Lioness Armor

Personality:  Conversant, Subtle, Observant, Forceful when needed

Arts Specialty: Writing, Photo-works, Gardening, Brass: French Horn

Mum’s Nickname: Lioness
Sister Nickname: Zookeeper

Aubra Drew: Wild Animals

Represents-Pieces: Wisdom & Ignorance

Father:  Adrius Markel
Father Origin: Germany 1250CE