The Ardent Heart

Name:   Aubra

the Ardent Heart, The Rose of Baal, the Crystal Angel


Colors: Reds, Grey, Black

Ship:  the Morning Rose 

Unique Skills:  Civil Engineering
   Resource Man.
   Art History & Preservation

Psyker Skills:  Telekinesis: 1
   Psychic Defense: 3
   Retrocognition: 5
   Precognition: 6
   Clairsentience: 7

Wargear: ‘Thornblade’ sword , ‘The Spear of Celestion’, Rose armor, ‘Crystaline Pinnions’ archeotech wings

Personality:  Peacemaker, Sincere, Orator, Melancholy, Smiles a lot, Empathic, High Sensing

Arts Specialty: Song, Dance, Visual Arts, Mixed Medias, Lyre

Mum’s Nickname: Rosie Girl
Sister Nickname: Little Mother


Aubra Drew: Roses & Feathers

Represents-Pieces: Love &  Loneliness

Father:  Mathias Albescu
Father Origin: Bucharest, Romania 1900 CE